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Ion exchange softening technology

Product Information

Ion exchange softening technology

Technical explanation

How long is the backwash time of the water softener?
Backwash time should be at least 5 minutes. Generally, the standard setting of the backwash time at the factory is 10 minutes. However, if the water supply is not clear, the backwash time can be set up to 20 minutes.

How long is the salt filling and positive flushing time of the softener?
It depends on the salt dose selected for this water softener. The standard factory setting is 60 minutes.

How long is the forward flushing time of the water softener?
A positive flush usually takes at least 10 minutes.

How long does it take for the water softener to make up the brine?
This should be adjusted most efficiently according to the total amount of ion exchange resin in the water softener. Small water softeners should take at least 4 minutes to make up the brine.

What is the total regeneration time of the water softener?
The total regeneration time is usually between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Since calcium has a higher molecular weight than sodium, should I install a water softener in front of the RO system to supply softened water?
When the hard water is removed by the filter membrane, the calcium and magnesium in the hard water are easily precipitated on the surface of the filter membrane and become scale. For the filter membrane, if the water softening equipment is used to remove the hardness of the water to supply hard and soft water, the life of the filter membrane can be extended.

How often should I replace the ion exchange resin in my water softener?
The life of the ion exchange resin depends on the pretreatment equipment installed in front of the water softener. Regularly use the "soft water test solution" to test the quality of the soft water produced. If the test solution shows blue, it means the soft water quality is good, if the test solution shows purple, it means the soft water quality is not good. Replace the ion exchange resin to maintain proper soft water quality.

How to dispose of (throw away) old ion exchange resin?
Ion exchange resin is a non-hazardous product that you can throw away in your regular trash.

I have a brine bucket, how much salt do I need to add, and how often?
The brine bucket should be filled with salt to just above the water level. The brine bucket fills automatically, so there is no need to add additional water. Check the brine bucket regularly and add salt as needed to maintain proper salt levels.

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