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Jacobi AW4 樹脂 (食品級, 陰離子)

Product Information

Jacobi AW4 樹脂 (食品級, 陰離子)

  • – Strong basic gel type anion exchange resin, spherical appearance, milky white
  • – Before demineralization treatment, the organic matter in the water can be removed first, and it is resistant to organic pollution
  • – Specially designed to reduce the leakage of silica during desalination and demineralization
  • – High exchange capacity, non-decolorization, suitable for deionization of various industrial water
  • – Suitable for industries with special hygiene regulations such as food industry and medical industry
  • – Compatible with Resinex™ KW4 anions in mixed bed systems above food grade

Technical explanation

functional group Ammonium base
ionic form Type Cl
total exchange > 1.30eq/L min
granularity 0.42 – 1.25mm
operating temperature up to 60˚C

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