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Calcite water quality acid-base adjustment technology

Product Information

Calcite water quality acid-base adjustment technology

Technical explanation

If it is necessary to increase the pH of the water for water supply, is there any way to achieve this without adding additional injections?
The use of Calcite media can increase the pH of the water, which is a routine and commonly used technique, and does not require additional injections.

Where is Calcite technology suitable for use?
Use Calcite technology to naturally add alkalinity to water, thereby counteracting water acidity (low pH) caused by dissolved carbon dioxide in the water.

Where does carbon dioxide come from?
All natural waters contain small amounts of carbon dioxide in the water. The use of reverse osmosis membranes can remove the alkalinity in the water, but it cannot remove the carbon dioxide in the water, because carbon dioxide is a gas. This gas exchange continues to dissolve in the water, making the pH of the water lower.

How much Calcite media is required to adjust the water supply to neutral water quality?
Each 100 mg/L of Calcite medium can neutralize 44 mg/L of carbon dioxide. Therefore, Calcite neutralizes approximately 96,800,000 milligrams of carbon dioxide per cubic foot (approximately 100 pounds). If there is 20 mg/L of CO2 in the water, then 1 cubic foot of Calcite technology will treat: (96,800,000 /20) liters of water. This equals 4,840,000 liters or 1,278,730 gallons of water. With a water usage of 10,000 gallons per day, 1 cubic foot of Calcite will last for 128 days.

How long will 1 cubic foot of Calcite last?
The following steps are recommended for verification:
a.) Multiply the amount of water used by the amount of carbon dioxide in mg/L. called X.
b.) 96,800,000 divided by X = number of days per 1 cubic foot of Calcite.

How does using Calcite technology work?
After the water comes into contact with the Calcite media, the acidic water will slowly dissolve the Calcite media, thus increasing the pH of the water, thereby reducing the amount of dissolved copper, lead and other metals commonly found in plumbing systems.

What is Calcite?
Calcite is a crushed and screened white marble medium that can be used inexpensively to neutralize acidic or low pH water to neutral, less corrosive water. Calcite medium is a naturally occurring calcium carbonate ingredient

What are the specifications of the 瑞順Calcite device?
•The effective particle size of Calcite medium is 0.4mm
• Coefficient of uniformity is 1.5
• At 16°C water temperature, the pressure loss (only) is approximately 0.35psi, 5 gpm/ft2 for a 30" bed
•Equipment is designed to use approximately 3-6 gpm/ft2, or adjusted for actual field application
• Media replacement time depends on the water used on site (low pH water), but typically between about 3-6 months
• The backwash water is from the water supply source, which is a common design for this type of system.

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