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heavy oil filter

Product Information

heavy oil filter

Taiwan ATS high quality

– Cast iron housing with multi-level interior design

– Concentrated treatment of impurities, remove the bottom plug to remove

– Easy installation


F series automatic oil filter is widely used in various types of working machines to clean the oil used and maintain the performance of the working machine. It adopts SUS304 stainless steel filter plate, gap plate and sweeping plate, and the function of filtering and cleaning is performed by turning the handle. There is a plug at the bottom to remove the filtered impurities.


The filter can be cleaned under the continuous operation of the machine, and it will not cause the reduction of the oil supply.


The size of the filter mesh, the strength of the pressure feeding force, the temperature and viscosity of the oil used will cause the change of the filter processing capacity.


This filter conveys oil by means of height difference, natural pressure and pump pressure. It enters through the inlet and then passes through the filter gap for purification, that is, the impurities in the used oil are cleaned and the clean oil is discharged from the outlet. When impurities accumulate and block the filter plate, the filter effect is reduced, and the function is restored by turning the handle to perform filter cleaning.


Filter meshes are divided into 60 meshes, 100 meshes, and 150 meshes; the inlet and outlet diameters are divided into 1/4PT, 3/8PT, 1/2PT, 3/4PT, 1″PT, 1 1/2″PT.

Taiwan ATS high quality product specification

oil cup shell cast iron
caliber 3/4"
mesh 100
use heavy oil
oil cup shell cast iron
caliber 1"
mesh 100
use heavy oil

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