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Water softener (one use and one standby)

Product Information

JDS series Water softener (one use and one standby)

Through the ion exchange capacity of ion exchange resin (Ion-Exchange), it removes calcium and magnesium ions in water, softens water quality, prevents scale formation, and provides cleaner, smoother and softer water for household/commercial/industrial users.



(1) System features: 



(2) 維修快速: 

Quick-release maintenance design reduces service costs


(3) Customer group protection: 

The blue light control valve can enter your company name and service number by yourself


(4) Regeneration control: 

Flow mode (automatic regeneration after the total flow is detected automatically)


(5) Salt bucket replenishment: 

Preset replenishment time length mode

Set the salt supplement weight mode each time


(6) Salt storage barrels: 

Wet Salt Storage Mode

Dry Salt Storage Mode


(7) 提供同業優勢: 

Electrolytic disinfection type water softener (using electrolytic disinfection to produce bactericidal effect)

廢水回收型軟水機 (自動回收無鹽分之廢水再利用)

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