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FRP resin barrel (5~13 inches, only WaveCyber distributor)

Product Information

FRP resin barrel (5~13 inches, only WaveCyber distributor)

FRP resin barrel is a new material and equipment for the water industry covering household, commercial and industrial uses. It has extremely high structural strength, and has excellent electrical insulation properties, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation properties. It is an ideal water treatment container and reaction vessel. The container, most commonly as the core component of a water purifier or softener. The composite material pressure tank is filled with various filter materials, which can realize the preparation of softened water, drinking water and industrial pure water or ultra-pure water: it is filled with different filter materials such as activated carbon or quartz sand, which can remove suspended solids, various organic pollutants, Heavy metal ions and other substances can achieve the primary purpose of water purification; filling with ion exchange resin and other exchangers can achieve the purpose of selectively removing ions in water treatment. The most common is to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water to achieve the purpose of softening water.

Since its establishment in 2001, WaveCyber has developed and produced composite pressure tanks, membrane element pressure vessels, reverse osmosis membranes and membrane elements, nanofiltration membranes and membrane elements, as well as salt tank soft water tanks and other products; the core technologies are all derived from independent research and development , a deep understanding, insight, and layout of the future development direction of the industry. WaveCyber's three major categories of products constitute a complete industrial chain layout, which can be used in conjunction with downstream applications. Through diversified product strategies, the company's position in the upstream of the membrane industry chain is consolidated. The company's high-performance roll-type separation membrane products can be used in the fields of material concentration and separation (such as lithium extraction from salt lakes, life sciences, food, hydrogen energy, etc.), water treatment fields including industrial applications (semiconductor ultrapure water preparation, reclaimed water reuse, Zero discharge, etc.) and municipal applications (seawater/brackish water desalination, tap water upgrading, sewage treatment, etc.) and residential consumption upgrades (water softeners, water purifiers, whole-house water purification systems, etc.), are widely used, New materials for strategic emerging industries facing the frontier of science and technology and the national economy and people's livelihood.


WaveCyber 公司的複合材料壓力罐產品規格齊全,其中家用壓力罐外徑範圍為5至13英寸;小型商用桶外徑範圍為14至24英寸;工業用桶外徑範圍為30至63英寸。相關產品已獲得國際權威的美國ASME、美國NSF歐盟CE、德國KTW等權威機構認證。得益於優異的產品品質,公司成為Culligan、Suez等國際知名水處理公司的長期供應商。


Product advantages:
– 採用進口原材料及加工設備,產品強度高、耐腐蝕、耐酸鹼、抗老化、抗紫外線,對相同用途的鋼罐及塑料罐具有較強的替代性。

– The inner liner is made of PE material, which has the characteristics of pressure resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

– Externally wound glass fiber reinforced plastic material, lightweight and chemical resistance

– Lighter than iron drums, durable and rust-free, easy to clean and maintain


產品外徑範圍: 5-13英寸

主要應用場合: 家用

使用方式: 淨水機、軟水機


產品外徑範圍: 14-24英寸

主要應用場合: 商用或小型工業

使用方式: 中小型淨水或軟水設備


產品外徑範圍: 30-63英寸

主要應用場合: 工業

使用方式: 水的預處理或後處理環節,適用於工業污水處理或 純水、超純水製備。



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FRP 樹脂桶是覆蓋家用、商用及工業用途的水工業新材料裝備,具有極高的結構強度,兼具優異的電絕緣性能、耐腐蝕性能和隔熱性能,是理想的水處理裝載容器和反應容器,最常見的是作為淨水機或軟水機的核心部件。複合材料壓力罐內填各種濾料,可實現軟化水、飲用水及工業純水或超純水的製備:內填充活性炭或石英砂等不同濾料,可以去除水中懸浮物、各種有機污染物、重金屬離子等物質達到水的初級淨化目的;內填充離子交換樹脂等交換劑,可以達到選擇性去除離子的水處理目的,最常見的是去除水中的鈣鎂離子,以達到軟化水的目的。技術講解

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