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Azbil ignition transformer (gas)

Product Information

Azbil ignition transformer (gas)

日本 Azbil Original

瑞順 60 years of burner development and research technology, the origin of the main products sold are: 美國, 德國, EU, 英國, 義大利, 日本, Taiwan, South Korea. Combustion control system engineering is composed of many parts and appliances, and these appliances that use and control fuel all need to have safe and stable control functions. Therefore, there are strict requirements in terms of design and use. In addition to complying with the safety regulations related to combustion, we must also pay special attention to various instructions and warning statements in the purchase and installation configuration.


– 採用電子增壓式設計,外型輕巧,可配合較小設備使用

– Easy installation

日本 Azbil 原裝產品規格

 型 號 S720A 200-GHA
一次側電壓 100/200V
二次側電壓 16KV (2×8KV)
二次側電流 50mA
屋內型/重量約 450 g