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LECIP ignition transformer (heavy oil)

Product Information

LECIP ignition transformer (heavy oil)

日本 LECIP Original

LECIP has nearly 80 years of experience in the development and research of electric fire voltage devices, and the market share of 日本 is more than 60%. LECIP ignition transformers are widely used in Taiwan: thermal oil furnaces, incinerators, hot blast stoves, industrial and commercial furnaces, food drying, kitchenware, painting, steam, die casting, ovens, ironing and other thermal industries. With the burner as the core, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving thermal energy equipment has been developed.


– It is wound with a special coil to increase the capacity to provide a larger discharge current

– Easy installation

日本 LECIP Original Product Specifications

Primary side voltage 100/200V
Secondary side voltage 10KV
Secondary side current 23/18mA
Indoor type/weight approx. 5 ㎏