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CLACK industrial water softener (1 use, 1 backup + high backup)

Product Information

NJDX series CLACK industrial water softener (1 use, 1 backup + high backup)

Through the ion exchange capacity of ion exchange resin (Ion-Exchange), it removes calcium and magnesium ions in water, softens water quality, prevents scale formation, and provides cleaner, smoother and softer water for household/commercial/industrial users.

8 major features:


(1) System features: 

Uninterrupted supply of soft water during resin regeneration


(2) Service features: 

When the situation occurs, the on-site personnel can continue to supply water by pressing a single button


(3) Maintenance features: 

During maintenance services, there is no need to stop the water supply, and it will not affect the water use of the industry


(4) Customer group protection: 

The blue light control valve can enter your company name and service number by yourself


(5) Regeneration control: 

The flow mode automatically detects the total flow and automatically regenerates after reaching the


(6) Salt bucket replenishment:

Preset replenishment time length mode

Set the salt supplement weight mode each time


(7) Salt storage barrels:

Wet Salt Storage Mode

Dry Salt Storage Mode


(8) Provide peer advantages:

Electrolytic disinfection type water softener (using electrolytic disinfection to produce bactericidal effect)
Wastewater recovery type water softener (when regeneration, the waste water without salt content is automatically recovered and reused)


Technical teaching:

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