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Iron remover (one use and one backup + high backup mechanism)

Product Information

JWX series Iron remover (one use and one backup + high backup mechanism)

Iron and manganese are very common in groundwater all over Taiwan. Generally, iron and manganese are easy to sink in the water, resulting in turbid yellow-brown to black water, which is prone to block water meters and on-off valves, as well as bad taste problems. This set of device can remove iron and manganese with excellent effect.

6 major features:


(1) System features:



(2) Service features:

When the situation occurs, the on-site personnel can continue to supply water by pressing a single button


(3) Maintenance features:

During maintenance services, there is no need to stop the water supply, and it will not affect the water use of the industry


(4) Customer group protection:

The blue light control valve can enter your company name and service number by yourself


(5) Regeneration control:



(6) Provide peer advantages:

Electrolytic disinfection type water softener (using electrolytic disinfection to produce bactericidal effect)
廢水回收型軟水機 (再生時,自動回收無鹽分之廢水再利用)

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