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NF sodium filter (high desalting type, 4040, 8080)

Product Information

NF sodium filter (high desalting type, 4040, 8080)

NF series products are polypiperazine composite nanofiltration membrane elements with selective separation characteristics. It has a high removal rate for almost all bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, macromolecular organics, antibiotics, pesticides, pesticide residues and other small molecular organics, heavy metals and most divalent and above ions in water or solution, while retaining part of sodium , potassium, calcium, magnesium, metasilicic acid and other beneficial nutritional minerals and small molecular substances. It can be used for the preparation of direct drinking water, mineral water and softened water, partial desalination and decolorization of wastewater with high salt concentration and organic matter concentration, and separation and purification of some inorganic salts, organic matter and other materials. Nanofiltration series products have extremely low operating pressure, which can greatly save the operating cost of equipment or systems, and are widely used in drinking water, food and beverage, medicine, reclaimed water reuse, wastewater treatment and other industries.

Manufacturer, excellent strength:

Introduced 美國 membrane production process and automated production line, with an annual production capacity of 3 million square meters of reverse osmosis membranes and nanofiltration membranes, the team has a strong and unique R&D innovation strength, and strong technical support can provide customers with industry customized solutions Solutions to meet the deep and multi-faceted needs of customers.


Quality Assurance, Superior Performance:

The entire production process of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane products is strictly implemented in accordance with ISO standards, and all products have been strictly tested by advanced testing equipment to ensure product performance and delivery quality.


International qualifications, identify products:

It has more than 30 international invention patents, and has fully passed the ISO9001 quality system and the national health and safety product certification of the national authoritative organization, and the 美國 National Health Foundation NSF certification.


Product Features:

– 高濾菌低除鹽率

– 介於超過濾膜(UF)和逆滲透濾膜(RO)之間

– 可以用來阻擋分子量小於20,000,甚至小到100的分子。

– 可去除河水、井水及雨水中的鎂、鈣等離子。

– 可用於工業冷卻水回收使用、海水淡化、軟化、染料脫鹽、 果汁和酒類濾清、乳清蛋白回收、藥品濃縮等。


structure spiral wound
Membrane tube material Composite Polyamide
Effective membrane area 86ft² (80m² )
Water production 2,500 gpd ( 390 L/ hr )
Salt removal rate 平均99.7% 最小99.4%
建議操作壓力 1.2 – 2.0 MPa
pH range 3.0-10.5

structure spiral wound
Membrane tube material Composite Polyamide
Effective membrane area 400ft² (37m² )
Water production 11,000 gpd ( 1.7 T/ hr )
Salt removal rate 平均99.7% 最小99.4%
建議操作壓力 1.2 – 2.0 MPa
pH range 3.0-10.5

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