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MCT 200 Monitoring Unit

Product Information

MCT 200 Monitoring Unit

MCT 200 series

美國 Pulsafeeder company was founded in 1936, with the latest and most advanced technology to manufacture all kinds of acid and alkali resistant pumps, to meet the needs of fuel cells, solar energy systems, circuit board equipment, chemical industry, surface treatment industry, food industry, medical equipment, photo processing Ultra-clean pump required for photoresist coating, developing, stripping and etching cleaning processes such as water treatment equipment, plant factories, optoelectronic semiconductor manufacturing processes and packaging. Although the quality is already in the leading position in the world, Pulsafeeder is constantly developing a new generation of products to respond.


Established in 1976, 瑞順 Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the Taiwan general agent of American Pulsafeeder Inc. products. It has been providing high-quality pumps (pumps) for 50 years to ensure customers work safety, clean environment and save energy. In addition to the Taipei head office, 瑞順 also has service locations and parts warehouses in Changhua and the southern region, which can instantly meet customer needs.



– Optional 1 programmable timer

– Optional 4 relay outputs, 2 analog inputs or outputs

– Optional 1 dry contact

– Optional 2 digital inputs


Technical teaching:

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MCT 200 series technical explanation

COND/PH/ORP controller with alarm indicator and dosing timer


Scope of Conductivity 0-20,000μs/cm
PH applicable range 0-14PH
ORP range ±1000mv
power supply Single phase 100-250V 50/60Hz
shell NEMA 4X rating
Sensor maximum temperature resistance 52℃
Sensor maximum withstand voltage 8.6 Bar