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MC 9300

Product Information

PULSAtrol Controller MC 9300

MC 9300 series

  • – Optional 2 sets of analog signal output (4-20MA)
  • – Optional 1 set of continuous line communication including software
  • – Optional 1 set of communication with modem and software
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MC 9300 series technical explanation

With 4 dosing timers, 2 groups of water meter dry contacts or Hall Effect, alarm dry contact RELAY, alarm output RELAY


Scope of Conductivity 0-20,000μS/cm
PH applicable range 0-14PH
Scope of ORP ±1000mv
power supply Single phase 90-250V 50/60Hz
shell NEMA 4X rating
Sensor maximum temperature resistance 52℃
Sensor maximum pressure resistance 8.6 Bar