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KW-8 food grade resin (美國 NSF certification, Taiwan FDA Food and Drug Administration certification)

Product Information

KW-8 food grade resin (美國 NSF certification, Taiwan FDA Food and Drug Administration certification)

KW-8 is a high-purity, high-quality gel-type cation exchange resin designed for drinking water treatment. KW-8 is a spherical cross-linked polystyrene divinylbenzene resin with complete spherical shape and less effluent, suitable for various drinking water treatment. KW-8 product is light amber transparent spherical particles, which can effectively remove taste, odor, and color after strict pretreatment. KW-8 has obtained 美國 FDA CFR21, 173.25, European ResAP (2004) 3 and WRAS BS 6920 certification.


– 預處理和沖洗:  最大限度去除味道,氣味,和顏色。

– 顆粒球狀完整度高: 優異的機械耐磨性,可確保低壓損。

– 低流出物 (美國 FDA 食藥署認證):  經過特殊處理,能消除有機物質溶出,確保符合美國 FDA 法規 CFR Section 21, 173.25 規定。

– 歐洲 ResAP (2004) 3 認證:  符合歐盟 (2004) 3 規定,同意允許在食品加工製程使用。

– WRAS BS 6920 認證:  符合 BS 6920規定,可使用在冷水及低於 85度的熱水中。

– High-quality strong acid gel-type cation exchange resin with high exchange capacity and no decolorization

– Compliant with NSF production standards, and obtained a number of 美國, European and other international certifications

– Suitable for industries with special hygiene regulations such as food industry and medical industry

– Can be used with Resinex™ AW4 anion in mixed bed systems above food grade



– 住宅用水軟化處理

– 飲用水軟化處理

– 工業用水軟化處理

– 自來水軟化處理


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KW-8 是一款專為飲用水處理設計的高純度,高品質凝膠型陽離子交換樹脂。KW-8 為球狀交聯聚苯乙烯二乙烯苯樹脂,球狀完整,流出物少,適用於多種飲用水處理。KW-8 產品為淡琥珀色透明球狀顆粒,經過嚴格的預處理能有效去除味道,氣味,和顏色。KW-8 獲得美國食品藥物監督管理局 FDA 的 CFR21,173.25,歐洲 ResAP (2004) 3 以及 WRAS BS 6920 認證。技術講解

functional group sulfonic acid group
ionic form Na type
total exchange > 1.90eq/L
granularity 0.42 – 1.25mm
Effective particle size 0.45 – 0.55mm

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