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KDF copper-zinc alloy (US)

Product Information

KDF USA original factory KDF copper-zinc alloy (US)

  • – 美國Clack special brand, excellent iron removal efficiency
  • – KDF is a high-purity, fine-grained copper-zinc alloy. Chlorine removal effect is 6 times that of activated carbon, which can be used to kill bacteria,
    The filter material of algae and fungus complies with EPA, FDA, NSF (standard 61) standards.
  • – KDF copper-zinc alloy is a clean alloy that uses electrochemical redox method to remove pollution in water, that is, copper and zinc scraps are mixed,
    Copper and zinc are constantly exchanging electron redox.
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Technical explanation

color Golden - reddish brown
Bulk density 171 lbs/cubic foot
mesh size -10+100
proportion 2.2-2.9 g/ml
Package 25kg / barrel

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