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Flange Mounted Mixer

Product Information

PULSAFEREDER Flange Mount Mixer Flange Mounted Mixer

Flange Mount Mixer Series

  • – 有1個鋼製的Flange(凸緣)及4個不銹鋼螺栓
  • – Mixers with different horsepower (HP) can be selected according to the length of the mixing shaft
  • – 可選配有抗腐蝕樹脂塗裝的攪拌軸
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Flange Mount Mixer系列技術講解

Agitator shaft 316SS
Stirring Shaft Diameter & Length 1/20HP: 5/16”x 28”
1/4HP: 1/2" x 34"
1/3HP: 1/2”x 36”
1/2HP:1/2”x 44”
1HP: 5/8" x 48"
power supply Single-phase 115V, 230V 50/60Hz