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F56A1 Manual valve

Product Information

Runxin F56A1 Manual valve

F56A1 series

  • – Open and close with high flatness, corrosion-resistant end seals
  • – 合理的流道設計: 運行 -> 正洗 -> 反洗 -> 正洗 -> 反洗 -> 運行
  • – 可帶壓操作,無洩漏,沖洗時無原水旁通
  • – 手動操作,手柄可旋轉180度
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F56A1 系列技術講解

Inlet/Outlet 1 inch
drain 1 inch
Water extraction
(@15 psi drop)
about 4 tons per hour
Applicable bucket Can be used for drums up to 12" in diameter
Influent Turbidity <20FTU