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Etatron Plunger Quantitative Pump (BP Type)

Product Information

Etatron Plunger Quantitative Pump (BP Type)

Quantitative pump (pump) / dosing machine: Reciprocating pump (reciprocating pump) is a kind of reciprocating movement of the piston or plunger in the pump column to change the volume formed between the piston or plunger and the wall of the pump column, thereby A pump that sucks in and spit out liquid and raises its pressure. The reciprocating pump can generate higher pressure, but allows a smaller flow rate, and is suitable for occasions requiring high-pressure liquid delivery.

  • – Solid particle addition for high pressure demands without abrasion and suspension
  • – 大型製程加藥用,穩定耐用性強
  • – High strength of PISTON, stable and durable assembly
  • – 義大利 process motor is durable and stable
  • – The dosing amount can be controlled by manually adjusting the stroke length of the diaphragm, and the dosing frequency is fixed
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定量幫浦 (泵浦) / 加藥機: 往復式泵浦(reciprocating pump)是一種利用活塞或柱塞在泵柱內往復運動,使活塞或柱塞與泵柱壁間形成的容積改變,從而吸入和吐出液體並提高其壓力的泵浦。往復式泵浦能產生較高的壓力,但允許流量較小,適用於需要高壓液體輸送的場合。技術講解

Dosage 14 to 1027 L/Hr(50Hz)
spit out pressure 20 to 3 Bar
power supply Three-phase 230-400V 50Hz, 275-480V 60Hz, TEFC, IP55
Single-phase 110V 60Hz, 230V 60Hz
Wetted material Provide 316SS, PVC, PP options
Optional DC servo motor accepts 4-20MA signal to change motor speed