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eControl Controller

Product Information

ETATRON Controller eControl Controller

eControl series

  • – The eControl series measures a wide range of water quality, with optional 1 or 2 detectors to measure
  • – PH type [pH controller]: 0-14pH Accuracy: ± 0.1 pH
  • – RX type [ORP controller]: -1000~+1400mV Accuracy: ±1 mV
  • – CL type [residual chlorine controller] detection range: 0-200ppm accuracy: ±0.01ppm
  • – Temperature measurement: 0-100℃
  • – Graphical display
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eControl series technical explanation

Product CE certification


power supply Single phase 230V 50/60Hz
shell IP65 rating
Standard equipment 1 group of 4-20mA signal output, alarm RELAY output
ON/OFF or proportional mode, timer