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Iron remover (backwash water recovery)

Product Information

CCT series Iron remover (backwash water recovery)

In response to the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Water Conservancy Administration's 112.02.01 launch of the policy of levying industrial water consumption fees. It consumes 80 - 90 minutes of water consumption during backwashing of the filter material. This equipment can recover 97% of water consumption, and can recover a large amount of water consumption throughout the year.

5 Features


(1) System features:


模組化設計,施工快省空間,可回收再利用達 97% 耗水


(2) Service features:

Quick-release maintenance design reduces service costs


(3) Customer group protection:

The blue light control valve can input your company name and service phone number by yourself (the system will automatically display your company service phone number)


(4) Regeneration control:

Flow mode (automatic regeneration after automatic detection of total flow)

7-day mode (cycle setting: Monday to Sunday)

28-day mode (cycle setting: every 1 day to every 28 days)


(5) Provide peer applications:


響應政府 112.02.01 開徵產業用水耗水費政策


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