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Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV, 2 GPM)

Product Information

Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV, 2 GPM)

UV ultraviolet rays can kill 99.9% harmful bacteria and viruses, 2GPM stainless steel UV lamp group - suitable for use with home filters and beverage stores for sterilization, direct raw drinking is safe and reliable.

Principle of UV application

Ultraviolet rays are part of the sun's rays. The principle of using ultraviolet rays to sterilize is to use its physical characteristics. When the ultraviolet lamp tube emits a light beam with a wavelength of 254 nm, this light can instantly generate light with the DNA of the life center of single-celled organisms such as bacteria. The chemical reaction causes the bacteria to die or lose their ability to reproduce.


Application of UV lamp group

Effective - can effectively kill disease-causing bacteria, viruses and algae

Economical - long lamp life, low unit cost

Safe - no residue, no chemicals added

Fast - no additional contact time is required, treated water can be used as soon as UV

Simple - easy to install, easy to maintain and does not take up space



2GPM UV sterilizer specifications:

1. Allowable flow rate: clean water: 1.5Gpm/6Lpm

Distilled water, reverse osmosis water: 2Gpm/8Lpm

2. Germicidal lamp model: 14W x 1 (model: GPH287T5L4)

3. Quartz tube model: UVQS18

4. Lamp failure warning: LED liquid crystal display + buzzer warning




1. Using quartz lamp tube and water jacket, the penetration rate of ultraviolet rays is better, and the sterilization effect is better.

2. Quick and easy installation.

3. Long service life and cost saving.

4. The main body is made of stainless steel to enhance the reflection effect of ultraviolet rays.

5. There is a buzzer indication when the lamp fails.

6. The most natural way of water purification.

7. Lamp replacement and maintenance are easy.

8. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for disinfection and sterilization of various water.

9. Without adding any chemical additives, it will not change the taste of the water, nor will it remove the beneficial minerals in the water.

10. Under normal water quality and flow, it can kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

※Wide range of application, can be used in the disinfection and sterilization of various water



application note

(1) When installing, first check the lamp tube, whether the lamp will be on when plugged in, and the quartz glass tube is intact without cracks.

(2) The life of the lamp in the ultraviolet sterilizer is about 9000 hours. To ensure the sterilization effect, the ultraviolet lamp should be replaced within the service life (the lamp is still lit with blue light, which does not mean that the sterilization is effective).

(3) When replacing the lamp tube, the power must be turned off first, and be careful not to touch the part of the quartz glass tube, so as not to break the glass easily.

(4) It is absolutely forbidden to look directly at the UV light source with naked eyes to avoid eye damage.

(5) The transformer socket is used alone to avoid multiple uses of one socket, which may easily cause the lamp tube and transformer to burn out due to voltage instability.

(6) Unless it is used in pure water equipment, please take out the quartz tube three months after use to check whether there is scaling, as a fixed cleaning and maintenance time in the future.

※To clean the scale on the surface of the quartz tube, use neutral soap and hot water to clean it, or use citric acid. Loosen the nuts on both sides to take out the quartz tube. When reinstalling it, wipe off the dirt on the surface of the quartz tube to avoid affecting the ultraviolet radiation.


Safe use range

1. Use pressure limit: 125psi.

2. Use temperature limit: 2℃-70℃.

3. The water source with dirty water will block the penetration ability of ultraviolet radiation. The clearer the water quality, the better the UV sterilization ability.

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