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Pre-filter (德國 SYR imported, 2″ fully automatic)

Product Information

Pre-filter (德國 SYR imported, 2″ fully automatic)

德國 is imported with original packaging, and 德國 process production and manufacturing double guarantee.

Intelligent control, free setting of rinse cycle, enjoy modern technology

Effectively remove large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust, colloid and scale in water

The water pressure can be adjusted, and the service life is several times that of the traditional pressure control

The filter bottle is improved with 德國 polymer material, the pressure can be up to 80KG

Siphon high-speed backwashing, let the water flow reversely wash, and clean the filter like a vacuum cleaner

At the same time, it solves the problem of decontamination of filter holes, filter surface and filter bottle wall

The usage situation can be observed at any time, and the filtering effect is clearly visible

Stainless steel filter material (AISI 316), extended filter life

Unique 360-degree design method, can be installed according to on-site environmental conditions

The body is made of brass (PN16), high strength and high pressure

The filter size is 50-500um, and a suitable filter can be installed according to the water source on site

The inlet/outlet is equipped with a pressure gauge, which is easy to observe the use of the filter screen (1.5” / 2”)


Technical teaching:

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