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克拉克CLACK除鐵過濾機 (罐內曝氣)

Product Information

STORM series 克拉克CLACK除鐵過濾機 (罐內曝氣)

The groundwater is acidic and the dissolved oxygen is low, so the iron and manganese values in the water will be in a stable state by divalent dissolution. The common procedures for treating groundwater are mostly "aeration tower + manganese sand filter", which occupies a large space, is difficult to maintain, and has a high design cost. Taking into account the characteristics of groundwater, this equipment adopts "in-tank aeration technology" to provide oxygen to oxidize iron and manganese ions in water, and is matched with 美國 BIRM iron and manganese remover to achieve a truly fully automatic integrated design.

3 major features:


(1) Regeneration control:

Flow mode (automatic regeneration after the total flow is detected automatically)

7-day mode (cycle setting: Monday to Sunday)

28-day mode (cycle setting: every 1 day to every 28 days)


(2) Customer group protection:

The blue light control valve can input your company name and service phone number by yourself (the system will automatically display your company service phone number)


(3) Provide peer advantages:

One backup and one use type JDS water softener (during resin regeneration, the supply of softened water is uninterrupted)

Electrolytic disinfection type SAN water softener (using electrolytic brine to produce sterilization effect)

Ozone disinfection type OZN carbon filter (using ozone kit to produce disinfection effect)

In-tank aeration type STM iron remover (using the inner aeration kit to save the cost of the aeration tower)

Special CMT sand filter for sewage treatment (automatically converts the second clean water source to perform backwashing)

CKT water softener for waste water recovery (automatic recovery of salt-free waste water for reuse)

Multi-valve integrated special network water softener


Technical teaching:

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