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CLACK iron removal filter (second water source backwash)

Product Information

CWT series CLACK iron removal filter (second water source backwash)

No need for long-distance pipeline excavation/embedding/backfilling, eliminating the need for a large-scale water purification plant. Quick-release maintenance design reduces service costs.

5 major features:


(1) System features:

When the filter material is backwashed, the second clean water source is automatically switched to perform backwashing


(2) Service features:

Quick-release maintenance design reduces service costs


(3) Customer group protection:

The blue light control valve can input your company name and service phone number by yourself (the system will automatically display your company service phone number)


(4) Backwash control:

The flow mode automatically detects the total flow and automatically regenerates after reaching the

7-day mode (Cycle setting: Monday to Sunday)

28-day mode (cycle setting: every 1 day to every 28 days)


5) Provide peer applications:

Industrial sewage treatment

Laundry factory sewage treatment

Factory sewage does not meet the discharge standard to improve engineering application


Technical teaching:

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