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RO pure water machine (household type 400G)

Product Information

RO pure water machine (household type 400G)

In line with global trends and environmental trends, you and your family can enjoy a "safe, healthy and comfortable" water life. The company established a household department, adhering to the brand concept of "Your reliable life partner!", to provide you with whole-house water purification products that are close to the needs of "household water". The company independently develops a variety of appearance models, a total of 23 kinds of appearance designs, looking forward to dealers to call for details! 02-2331-1097



(1)  直輸設計,避免細菌滋生


(2)  自動清洗 + 手動清洗,產水更安心


(3)  智能顯示面板,機器工作狀態一目了然


(4)  觸摸式按鍵設計,增加智能濾芯壽命提醒功能


(5)  大流量設計,無須儲水桶 (無桶式) 更節約空間


(6)  成水路設計,減少漏水點,大幅度地降低漏水隱患


(7)  漏水預警系統,檢測有漏水發生時,機器自動停止工作,智能顯示面板會持續閃爍並伴有警報聲


(8)  五道標準濾芯,層層精細過濾:

第1道 PP (5微米) 濾芯 – 去除泥沙顆粒雜質

第2道 GAC活性碳濾芯 – 去除異色異味,及除氯

第3道 PP (1微米) 濾芯 – 去除極微小雜質,保護RO逆滲透膜

第4道 RO逆滲透膜 – 去除細菌病毒,及除重金屬

第5道 CTO活性碳濾芯 – 提升口感

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